Houston Texans take No. 6 in Forbes’ list of most profitable sports franchises worldwide

The Houston Texans may have been atrocious on the field, but their earnings away from the game have been world class.

According to Mike Ozanian from Forbes, the Texans are the sixth-most profitable sports franchise in the world with $356 million banked over the past three years.

The NFL team at the northern terminus of Interstate 45 was the most profitable with $1.2 billion. The New England Patriots were second at $623 million. Among NFL teams, the Texans are the third-most profitable.

Coming in at No. 3 overall on the list was Premier League’s Tottenham Hotspur at $414 million. Manchester United was No. 5 at $403 million.

Across the rest of the NFL, the New York Giants were No. 9 at $333 million. The Los Angeles Rams were No. 11 at $318 million. Washington — still owned by Dan Snyder — came in No. 13 at $290 million. The Chicago Bears were No. 15 at $288 million. The Jacksonville Jaguars were No. 17 at $281 million.

All of the NFC East’s teams were represented on the list.

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