'We had our moments'

Jurgen Klopp and Harvey Elliott
[Getty Images]

Jurgen Klopp gave a "hello and sorry" after arriving a little late to his news conference this morning to look forward to Monday night’s game at Aston Villa.

But, when he was reminded it wasn’t the first time in recent weeks, he replied with a, "to be honest, who gives a …?"

It was classic Klopp as he continued to give the air of a manager who will be leaving at the end of the season.

He is proving as captivating a character as he has always been as his stint at Liverpool comes to and end and showing why Reds fans adore him so much.

Klopp has good and bad memories of playing at Aston Villa, with a comeback 2-1 win when the Reds won the league in 2019-2020 before a 7-2 thrashing the following season.

The German talked about the former game and how the turnaround happened after two players had an argument in the dressing room at half-time, although he added “you will not get the names from me”.

With the Reds' title hopes all-but over, he also questioned if his side “were the best team in the league” in a season in which “we had our moments”.

He said he was “surprised” Mohamed Salah was not on the Premier League player of the season shortlist but that was about as much as he had to say on the issue.

Nevertheless, Klopp was on good form before making his exit in the build-up to his penultimate game as Reds boss.

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