Greg Cote Show: Panthers’ agonizing loss, flying dogs, stiff people, D.Wade, Stan Van Gundy & more

The newest episode of the Greg Cote Show podcast is out now!

We happen to be dropping on Memorial Day, so, first, profound respect for the meaning of the day: To remember and thank all of the brave servicemen and women who gave their lives protecting our country.

On the new GCS:

Greg and Chris attended Sunday’s Panthers-Rangers Game 3 -- the heartbreaking 5-4 overtime loss of the NHL Eastern Conference finals, and we and share their thoughts. (Can devastated Chris get through it?)

Bark Air, the new airline catering to dogs and the people who travel with their pets.

Stiff Person Syndrome, the serious malady with the unfortunately ridiculous name.

Dwyane Wade’s new initiative in support of transgender kids and their families.

Condolences to Stan Van Gundy and the family of Grayson Murray.

This is our 220th episode overall -- the 21st of 2024 -- and we welcome you back as always!

Also on the new show:

An update on whether Greg’s neighbor Shelly was swallowed whole by a 13-foot shark.

The fatherly (and father-in-law’ly) advice Chris got before attending Panthers Game 2 at Madison Square Garden.

List of NFL’s 25 fastest players includes four Dolphins in top 11.

Greg blasts Chris and yeti for The Missing Video.

Chris gets on Greg for not saying “Jack” enough. Speaking of which...

New Dad Jokes and Three Facts, Jack!

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