Grayson Allen fires back at Trae Young after Hawks star calls him out for tripping

Late in Saturday’s Atlanta Hawks-Memphis Grizzlies game, Grayson Allen tripped Trae Young.

While chasing Young on defense, Allen stuck out his left leg at Young’s feet, causing the Hawks star to stumble.

Nobody got hurt. Not much was made of the incident during or after the game that the Hawks won, 122-112. But Young had words for Allen on Sunday. On social media, at least.

Young tweeted a GIF of the incident with the message “this gotta stop.” Allen responded in kind with a message of concern that was, let’s say — less than genuine.

Trae Young, Grayson Allen don’t like each other

There’s history here. And not just Allen’s extended track record of dirty play. There’s history between Young and Allen specifically. The two clearly don’t like each other.

There’s this incident in which the two were ready to fake fight after Young shoved Allen in the back.

That was just on Dec. 19 in a preseason game.

Then there’s this moment from 2018 Summer League.

Young is clearly sick of Allen getting in his physical space.

Did Allen mean to trip Young?

The big question from Saturday concerns Allen’s intent. Allen clearly tripped Young. But did he mean to?

Only Allen knows the answer to that. And he might not even be clear. It’s feasible that Allen’s developed a trigger response when he’s beat to subconsciously stick out his leg — or his butt — to trip an opposing player.

But one thing is clear. There’s more than enough evidence going back to his Duke days that eliminates any benefit of the doubt for Allen when it comes to tripping.

Flagrant trip or not, Young has obvious reason to take issue with Allen.

Grayson Allen reacts during the game.
Grayson Allen has long lost the benefit of the doubt in these moments. (Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

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