Grayson Allen tripped (or kicked?) an opposing player. Again.

Duke’s Grayson Allen, unquestionably America’s favorite college basketball player, stayed true to form Wednesday night in a game against Elon. At least he’s consistent.

With the Blue Devils leading 32-24 late in the first half, Allen kicked out at Elon’s Steven Santa Ana after Allen had been called for a foul on Santa Ana’s drive:

After the game, Coach Mike Krzyzewski called Allen’s maneuver “unacceptable.” Allen expressed remorse and said that there was “no excuse” for the kick.

“I don’t plan on doing it again,” Allen told media in North Carolina. “I made another mistake and I have to try to be better again just like I tried to be better last year.”

It’s not the first time Allen has kicked or tripped an opponent. It’s not even the second. Incident No. 1 came in a game against Louisville last season after Allen had missed a layup. Incident No. 2 came later in the season against Florida State, and was more subtle, but nonetheless bad. Allen was reprimanded by the ACC, but not suspended.

Incident No. 3 on Wednesday was more violent, and is sure to endear Allen to college hoops fans across the country even more. It’s also almost sure to get him a suspension.

Allen was assessed a technical foul for the play, and sat out the rest of the first half. He also threw a mini temper tantrum on the bench:

On a serious note, the repeated outbursts will surely prompt a lot of questions over the coming hours and days about what compels Allen to act like this on the court. It’s now fair to call it at least a somewhat serious problem.

Meanwhile, with Allen out, Elon stormed back to take a 35-34 halftime lead.

Allen also started the second half on the bench, but returned to the floor with 16:29 remaining in the second half. Duke went on to win 72-61.