George Karl slams the Lakers for firing Darvin Ham

In a move many saw coming from a mile away, the Los Angeles Lakers fired Darvin Ham on Friday after he had been their head coach for two seasons. He had been the recipient of lots of criticism throughout the season, and fans are very happy that he is now gone.

However, there have been some across the NBA landscape who feel the Lakers were hasty or even unjustified in firing Ham. These people feel that more of the blame should fall on the team’s players or even its front office, and not necessarily on Ham.

Former NBA head coach George Karl took the Lakers to task not just for deposing Ham, but also for their tendency to switch head coaches every couple of years.

He even attacked their 2020 NBA championship, claiming it “doesn’t count” because it was won inside the Walt Disney World Resort bubble during the nadir of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Karl, who used to coach the Denver Nuggets, the team that has eliminated the Lakers from the playoffs the last two seasons, has gone at the Purple and Gold multiple times in the recent past. He attacked the legitimacy of their 2020 world title last October, and he also implied that superstar big man Anthony Davis didn’t deserve to be named one of the NBA’s top 75 players of all time.

Story originally appeared on LeBron Wire