Gambler to risk $14 million on Game 7 after going undefeated in World Series

If you thought the craziness surrounding the World Series was restricted to the two teams on the field, think again. One Vegas gambler currently has a bet going that is so ridiculous it perfectly epitomizes this unbelievable series between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Houston Astros.

Prior to Game 6, RJ Bell — an oddsmaker and Vegas insider who aptly goes by the name @RJinVegas on Twitter — unleashed this whopper on the unsuspecting public.

You already know where this is going. The Dodgers did win Game 6, meaning our mystery bettor is now a perfect 6-0 in the World Series. In a move that we think is incredibly fitting considering the unreal nature of this series, the bettor has also decided to go all-in on Game 7.

Holy moly! We’ve never felt ill by merely looking at another person’s wager, but we do right now. Someone has already won $14 million on the World Series, and is willing to risk it all on Game 7. Nope. Nope 14 million times.

A few things to note for those of you who are skeptical: For what it’s worth, Bell is absolutely adamant this is real. He not only defended himself aggressively in his Twitter comments, but offered some descriptions of the man who has reportedly placed the bets.

As many people have pointed out, it seems unbelievable that one place would accept a bet that large. Turns out, the mystery gambler is spreading all his bets around town at different places.

Naturally, there are other rumors flying around here. Some have theorized this person is actually a front for a much larger group. Some believe maybe it’s just a guy taking awful odds that no other gambling pro would accept.

One man is putting everything on Game 7 of the World Series after going undefeated in the other six games. (AP Photo)
One man is putting everything on Game 7 of the World Series after going undefeated in the other six games. (AP Photo)

So, is it real? We don’t really know. It seems too crazy to be a thing, but Bell is pretty confident. For now, we’ll just look forward to seeing who the mystery bettor takes in Game 7. Bell is expected to reveal that as soon as he has the answer.

Honestly, we’re not sure what we prefer here. If it is real, it’s amazing. If it’s not real, at least we don’t have to worry ourselves sick about someone else placing a bet worth more than what the Dodgers paid Justin Turner this season.

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