First overall pick Caleb Williams reportedly struggling early on in OTAs

There haven’t been much higher expectations laid on a rookie in recent memory than those that have been laid upon the Chicago Bears first overall pick. Caleb Williams went into the draft as one of the most hyped up prospects since the likes of Trevor Lawrence and Andrew Luck and has had analysts boldly predict some astronomical success for the young quarterback.

Reality is apparently hitting hard for those predictors of his immediate success as Williams has reportedly been struggling early on through the live practices during OTAs. Now of course there is little reason to blow this out of proportion, Williams is a rookie quarterback on a new team who all are installing a new offense, plus there’s the matter of the Chicago defense looking quite good towards the end stretch of last season. You stack all those things onto any rookie quarterback and they are bound to struggle.

It would be a foolish bet to doubt or write Caleb Williams off after struggles this early into his pro career. Moments of struggle and battling it out against good defenses are going to sharpen the immense talent that Williams does possess. Keep an eye out as the season progresses as Williams is very likely to overcome what is an early speedbump.

Story originally appeared on Draft Wire