'It's felt like we've upset the footballing universe for even daring to be better'

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The announcement of David Moyes' West Ham departure was met with confusion, anger and dismay from some quarters of the footballing universe.

There appears to be this view that West Ham decided to sack Moyes, as opposed to mutually agreeing to part ways with the manager at the end of his contract. Then there's the view that West Ham have got some cheek for even considering having ambitions of being better than four Premier League wins in 18 since the turn of the year, or for looking for a manager who is willing to adopt a style of play that requires to be in possession of the ball for more than 30% of the time.

From the inside looking out, it's felt like we've upset the footballing universe for even daring to be better. Yes, Moyes has made West Ham better over the last four-and-a-half years. He's completely changed the club's fortunes, ambitions and potential. But it had gone stale, our form in 2024 is evidence of that.

What should the club have done? Signed up for another two years of what we're seeing now? That would've likely only made the neutrals and pundits, who cannot fathom any club outside the so-called big six having even an ounce of ambition, happy.

Julen Lopetegui seems to be the chosen replacement and I think that's a good move. No, he's not the up and coming, young manager looking to become the next Pep Guardiola with his progressive, tiki-taka style of play, but he is a very solid and experienced manager whose CV speaks for itself.

Put simply, you don't manage the likes of Spain and Real Madrid if you're a bad manager. Some are pointing to his Real Madrid tenure to suggest he's bad without considering that yes, maybe it was a job too big for him, but he followed that up with three hugely successful years at Sevilla, where he finished fourth three times and won the Europa League.

That's where West Ham have ambitions of being. Challenging for top-six finishes and playing in Europe. Regularly. If Lopetegui can replicate that with West Ham, it'll make all the bemused neutrals and pundits look a bit silly, won't it?

James Jones, We Are West Ham

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