Roto Arcade - Fantasy

You should know the specs by now. If you redrafted tomorrow, stats from scratch, what would your cheat sheet look like?

It's harder than it looks, Virginia. Let's count them down.

1. Peyton Manning(notes)
2. Drew Brees(notes)
3. Matt Schaub(notes)
4. Philip Rivers(notes)
5. Aaron Rodgers(notes)
6. Tom Brady(notes)
7. Ben Roethlisberger(notes)
8. Tony Romo(notes)
9. Kurt Warner(notes)
10. Jay Cutler(notes)
11. Brett Favre(notes)
12. Donovan McNabb(notes)
13. Eli Manning(notes)
14. Matt Ryan(notes)
15. Joe Flacco(notes)
16. Carson Palmer(notes)
17. David Garrard(notes)
18. Kyle Orton(notes)
19. Matt Hasselbeck(notes)
20. Matthew Stafford(notes)
21. Alex Smith
22. Matt Cassel(notes)
23. Jason Campbell(notes)
24. Mark Sanchez(notes)
25. Chad Henne(notes)
26. Jake Delhomme(notes)
27. Vince Young(notes)
28. Marc Bulger(notes)
29. Ryan Fitzpatrick(notes)
30. Josh Freeman(notes)
31. Kevin Kolb(notes)
32. Derek Anderson(notes)
33. Matt Leinart(notes)
34. Trent Edwards(notes)
35. JaMarcus Russell(notes)
36. Daunte Culpepper(notes)
37. Seneca Wallace(notes)
38. Todd Collins(notes)
39. Shaun Hill(notes)
40. Kerry Collins(notes)

Comments: Andy Behrens raised some eyebrows when he gave the Texans the No. 1 juggernaut rank before the season, and the boo birds came out quickly when Houston laid an egg in Week 1 against the Jets. But since then Schaub & Co. have justified the preseason love, posting a friendly batch of numbers for six straight weeks. So long as the Texans can keep No. 8 in one piece, this will be a full-season hit . . . Donovan McNabb is one of the hardest players to rank these days. His accuracy comes and goes, Brian Westbrook(notes) obviously isn't right, the offense can't seem to stay in balance, etc . . . Philip Rivers has all the tools in place to be a fantasy stud the rest of the way - the Chargers can't really run the ball or play defense, and there are plenty of elite pass-catchers in Bordertown (not so fast, Chambers). The completion percentage is a little low for Rivers right now, but he won't end the season under 60 percent . . . No one knows what to expect with Vince Young - has all that watching done a thing to repair his confidence? - but at least he can run. Hopefully, from a fantasy perspective, they let him do what he's good at . . . I'm not sold on Alex Smith's physical tools at the position, but throwing to Vernon Davis(notes) and Michael Crabtree(notes) looks like a pretty good gig.

Running Back
1. Adrian Peterson
2. Maurice Jones-Drew(notes)
3. Ronnie Brown(notes)
4. Michael Turner(notes)
5. Ray Rice(notes)
6. Cedric Benson(notes)
7. Steven Jackson
8. Thomas Jones(notes)
9. DeAngelo Williams(notes)
10. Chris Johnson
11. Steve Slaton(notes)
12. Brandon Jacobs(notes)
13. Frank Gore(notes)
14. Rashard Mendenhall(notes)
15. Marion Barber(notes)
16. Matt Forte(notes)
17. Joseph Addai(notes)
18. Ryan Grant(notes)
19. Kevin Smith(notes)
20. Ricky Williams(notes)
21. Mike Bell(notes)
22. Marshawn Lynch(notes)
23. Pierre Thomas(notes)
24. Knowshon Moreno(notes)
25. Tim Hightower(notes)
26. LaDainian Tomlinson(notes)
27. Clinton Portis(notes)
28. LeSean McCoy(notes)
29. Carnell Williams(notes)
30. Jonathan Stewart(notes)
31. Brian Westbrook
32. Ahmad Bradshaw(notes)
33. Donald Brown(notes)
33. Beanie Wells(notes)
34. Shonn Greene(notes)
35. Laurence Maroney(notes)
35. Jamaal Charles(notes)
35. Reggie Bush(notes)
36. Correll Buckhalter(notes)
36. Felix Jones(notes)
38. Jamal Lewis(notes)
39. Julius Jones(notes)
40. Darren Sproles(notes)
41. Fred Jackson(notes)
41. LenDale White(notes)
42. Tashard Choice(notes)
43. Justin Fargas(notes)
44. Derrick Ward(notes)
45. Willis McGahee(notes)
46. Darren McFadden(notes)
47. Michael Bush(notes)
48. Jerome Harrison(notes)
49. Kevin Faulk(notes)
50. Jason Snelling(notes)
51. Glen Coffee(notes)
52. Mewelde Moore(notes)
53. Willie Parker(notes)
54. Ahman Green(notes)
55. Javon Ringer(notes)
56. BenJarvus Green-Ellis(notes)
57. Le'Ron McClain(notes)
58. Larry Johnson(notes)
59. Sammy Morris(notes)

Comments: I don't want to hear a peep out of you, Adrian Peterson owner. Your guy is getting 5.0 yards a pop, he's quietly scored eight times, and he's making strides in the passing game (a sneaky 18 catches) . . . Admit it, Ricky Williams is running like he's 25 right now. What's the secret here? Maybe everyone should briefly retire at the top of their game . . . The Saints have so many toys on offense, it's easy for Reggie Bush to get lost in the shuffle. Pierre Thomas? There's no right answer here, so long as Mike Bell stays healthy. It's obvious the Saints feel good about Bell as a closer and goal-line option; we'll see if his high-contact style can last the season . . . Oh that cute Oakland offense, coached by Cable and held back by Satellite (the maddening McFadden). I wouldn't own D-Mac on a bet . . . The witless owner who chased Thomas Jones's 2008 numbers at the draft table two months ago is having a good laugh now. For all the gushing over Shonn Greene this week (justified), I don't think the changing of the guard in New York is going to hurt the rock-solid Jones. The Jets like TJ at the goal line and he's working behind a fantastic blocking scheme . . . Is Joseph Addai having a good year in real life? Not really. But the setup in Naptown keeps getting him touches and touchdowns, and while we have to consider things like yards per carry, it's still not a fantasy stat. Said a different way, opportunity remains king in our make-believe game, so long as you do at least a little something with it . . . Arizona's got a ridiculously-easy schedule to close the year, which should in theory be a boost to the running game. But can someone fix the run-blocking here? . . . You're not allowed to defend LT until you give a viewing to every one of his Week 8 carries at Kansas City; Norv Turner tried his best to get Tomlinson a mercy touchdown but the experiment failed miserably. There's no reason to be sentimental, Tomlinson just doesn't have much power or lateral agility left. Rank with your head, not with your heart . . . I know you'd like to see Ahmad Bradshaw higher, so would I. But how aggressively can we rank someone running with a cracked bone in their foot?

Wide Receiver
1. Reggie Wayne(notes)
2. Larry Fitzgerald(notes)
3. Andre Johnson(notes)
4. Randy Moss(notes)
5. Marques Colston(notes)
6. Vincent Jackson(notes)
7. Chad Ochocinco(notes)
8. Brandon Marshall(notes)
9. Roddy White(notes)
10. Wes Welker(notes)
11. DeSean Jackson(notes)
12. Mike Sims-Walker(notes)
13. Anquan Boldin(notes)
14. Sidney Rice(notes)
15. Calvin Johnson(notes)
16. Donald Driver(notes)
17. Miles Austin(notes)
18. Dwayne Bowe(notes)
19. Hines Ward(notes)
20. Greg Jennings(notes)
21. Steve Smith (NYG)
22. T.J. Houshmandzadeh(notes)
23. Nate Burleson(notes)
24. Santonio Holmes(notes)
25. Devin Hester(notes)
26. Derrick Mason(notes)
27. Steve Smith (CAR)
28. Braylon Edwards(notes)
29. Hakeem Nicks(notes)
30. Percy Harvin(notes)
31. Jerricho Cotchery(notes)
32. Michael Crabtree
33. Lee Evans(notes)
34. Santana Moss(notes)
35. Donnie Avery(notes)
36. Mohamed Massaquoi(notes)
37. Bernard Berrian(notes)
38. Steve Breaston(notes)
39. Austin Collie(notes)
40. Jeremy Maclin(notes)
41. Anthony Gonzalez(notes)
42. Eddie Royal(notes)
43. Lance Moore(notes)
44. Kevin Walter(notes)
45. Johnny Knox(notes)
46. Mario Manningham(notes)
47. Torry Holt(notes)
48. Terrell Owens(notes)
49. Antonio Bryant(notes)
50. Mark Clayton(notes)
51. Mike Wallace(notes)
52. Roy Williams
53. Earl Bennett(notes)
54. Davone Bess(notes)
55. Pierre Garcon(notes)
56. Laveranues Coles(notes)
57. James Jones(notes)
58. Nate Washington(notes)
59. Brian Hartline(notes)
60. Jacoby Jones(notes)
61. Malcom Floyd(notes)
62. Devery Henderson(notes)
63. Patrick Crayton(notes)
64. Kenny Britt(notes)
65. Andre Caldwell(notes)
66. Michael Jenkins(notes)
67. Ted Ginn Jr.(notes)
68. Danny Amendola(notes)
69. Chaz Schilens(notes)
70. Josh Morgan(notes)
71. Sam Aiken(notes)
72. Chris Chambers(notes)
73. Muhsin Muhammad(notes)
74. Bryant Johnson(notes)

Comments: Chad Ochocinco has turned into one of the biggest profit guys of 2009, a healthy and motivated season. He should be in the Top 10 the rest of the way . . . Everyone loves DeSean Jackson's ability to score from anywhere on the field, but he needs to show more confidence and toughness on the shorter routes, especially going over the middle . . . Santana Moss didn't go off against the Eagles but he was plenty involved, an encouraging sign. Fill in your own bingo joke here . . . Thank goodness Brett Favre came to Minnesota and unlocked the Sidney Rice story, because we know Tarvaris Jackson(notes) wasn't going to do it. Rice would be Pro Bowl-bound if the season ended today . . . If you're headed to the greater-Miami area this weekend, don't mention Teddy Ginn. The natives are angry . . . Austin Collie's play over the last few weeks should cement a role for him in the second half, no matter how quickly Anthony Gonzalez returns . . .  I don't want much to do with the Jets passing game right now; it's clear this is a team that's trying to hide its quarterback . . . Mario Manningham seems to leave a big play on the field every week.

Tight End
1. Dallas Clark(notes)
2. Antonio Gates(notes)
3. Tony Gonzalez(notes)
4. Owen Daniels(notes)
5. Jason Witten(notes)
6. Heath Miller(notes)
7. Vernon Davis
8. Brent Celek(notes)
9. Visanthe Shiancoe(notes)
10. Jeremy Shockey(notes)
11. Greg Olsen(notes)
12. John Carlson(notes)
13. Kellen Winslow(notes)
14. Tony Scheffler(notes)
15. Todd Heap(notes)
16. Zach Miller
17. Marcedes Lewis(notes)
18. Fred Davis(notes)
19. Dustin Keller(notes)
20. Anthony Fasano(notes)
21. Benjamin Watson(notes)
22. Jermichael Finley(notes)
23. Brandon Pettigrew(notes)
24. Bo Scaife(notes)
25. Chris Cooley(notes)
26. Randy McMichael(notes)
27. Donald Lee(notes)
28. Sean Ryan(notes)

Comments: Owen Daniels is another Texan making good here; he's got the size of a tight end, the speed and lateral moves of a wideout, and fantastic hands. Gary Kubiak is doing a fantastic job of moving Daniels all over the formation and creating mismatches . . . Kellen Winslow has been the invisible man in four of five games (only the Eagles bailed him out), and it's hard to be too optimistic about that changing now that a rookie QB runs the Bucs offense . . . Jason Witten has been needed to block more often this year, and while the Cowboys offense looks a lot better since Miles Austin emerged, I still don't trust these guys inside the 10-yard line . . . Bo Scaife might be worth a short-term rental during bye-week season (deep leagues only), depending on how Vince Young looks throwing the ball . . . Fred Davis can't block all that well (like so many of his teammates), but there was nothing wrong with his hands on Monday night.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers
2. New Orleans Saints
3. Philadelphia Eagles
4. Minnesota Vikings
5. New York Giants
6. Denver Broncos
7. New England Patriots
8. Green Bay Packers
9. Arizona Cardinals
10. San Francisco 49ers
11. Baltimore Ravens
12. Dallas Cowboys
13. Indianapolis Colts
14. New York Jets
15. Buffalo Bills
16. Miami Dolphins
17. Houston Texans
18. San Diego Chargers
19. Washington Redskins
20. Seattle Seahawks
21. Cincinnati Bengals
22. Atlanta Falcons
23. Chicago Bears
24. Oakland Raiders
25. Carolina Panthers
26. Kansas City Chiefs
27. Cleveland Browns
28. Jacksonville Jaguars
29. Detroit Lions
30. St. Louis Rams
31. Tennessee Titans
32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Comments: Okay, maybe I'm going all-in on the Saints defense too early, but let's accept a couple of things. One, this team will be playing with a lead more than probably any other club, and that's a major asset to a defense that wants to attack. Two, there's an aggressive mindset with this defense, an aim to not merely take the ball away but to score when doing so. Yes, a large share of defensive touchdowns are luck, but I wouldn't say all of them are. Is Darren Sharper(notes) a Hall of Famer on your card? . . . Don't tell Ray Lewis(notes), but the name brand on the Ravens defense is withering fast. It's no longer good enough to be carried through a full fantasy season . . . For all the lip service paid to the Jets defense, where are the sacks?

1. Stephen Gostkowski(notes)
2. Ryan Longwell(notes)
3. Nate Kaeding(notes)
4. Mason Crosby(notes)
5. David Akers(notes)
6. Lawrence Tynes(notes)
7. Matt Prater(notes)
8. Nick Folk(notes)
9. Matt Stover(notes)
10. Jason Elam(notes)
11. Neil Rackers(notes)
12. John Carney(notes)
13. Jay Feely(notes)
14. Jeff Reed(notes)
15. Robbie Gould(notes)
16. Steven Hauschka(notes)
17. Kris Brown(notes)
18. Joe Nedney(notes)
19. Rian Lindell(notes)
20. Shayne Graham(notes)
21. Josh Scobee(notes)
22. John Kasay(notes)
23. Rob Bironas(notes)
24. Josh Brown(notes)
25. Olindo Mare(notes)
26. Dan Carpenter(notes)
27. Shaun Suisham(notes)
28. Ryan Succop(notes)
29. Jason Hanson(notes)
30. Sebastian Janikowski(notes)
31. Shane Andrus(notes)
32. Don Cockroft

You're on your own for kicker comments. Let's open up the Q&A and get ready to dominate in November. And for the Twitterers in the crowd, feel free to add me here.

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