Fans hear from Hardaway and Silverfield during ‘Tigers on Tour’ event

MEMPHIS – With basketball season over and football switching from spring to summer workouts, we really haven’t heard much from Penny Hardaway and Ryan Silverfield these days.

That changed on Thursday night.

The U of M hosting its first stop on their Tigers on Tour event in Collierville.

Hardaway didn’t speak to the media but did speak to the Tiger fans in attendance with Penny saying two things of note. All six transfers have signed with the program and that he still feels good about a David Jones return. Hardaway putting those odds at 70-30.

Hardaway joined at the event by interim Athletic Director Jeff Crane and Silverfield

The Tigers football program is riding a huge wave of momentum and high expectations and it.all seemed to start with a win over Iowa State in the Autozone Liberty Bowl.

“Ten win season versus a quote, unquote Big 12, power five team. How much momentum is this going forward? Well, that started this wave and then all the things, being able to put together a great recruiting class. Being able to keep some of our current players which is so important to be able to maintain the roster and , oh by the way, you’re seeing guys from the SEC programs saying I want to be a part of what they’re doing,” Silverfield said. “Now with the NIL announcement, the stadium announcement, the contract. All those things and they just keep stacking on top of each other. And I think, OK, hey, there’s a lot of positivity going towards this program.”

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