Ex-Marlins president's reaction to boos from Miami fans: '$1.2 billion, f--- you'

Jack Baer
David Samson: man of the people (AP)
David Samson: man of the people (AP)

In case you you aren’t aware of former Miami Marlins president David Samson’s resume, it currently goes a little something like this:

Nowadays, Samson is out of baseball and apparently trying his hardest to add “becoming the most hated person in Miami sports” to his list.

Ex-Marlins president David Samson taunts Miami fans

Samson was met with raucous booing from the crowd during a public appearance on Monday with ESPN’s Dan Le Batard, whose radio show he regularly appears on. Samson’s response: go full wrestling heel.

WARNING: the following video contains profanity.

“Here’s why I love when you guys boo me,” Samson said as he flipped off the crowd. “I want you to keep booing me, because guess what? $1.2 billion, f – – – you!”

At that point, Le Batard mercifully took away the microphone from Samson.

The other Marlins number Samson could have mentioned

That $1.2 billion is the value at which the Marlins were sold to the Derek Jeter-Bruce Sherman ownership group last year, but a more apt number Samson could have thrown out was double that: $2.4 billion.

That was the amount of debt that Samson’s Marlins put the city of Miami in so they could erect Marlins Park, which came in last in MLB in attendance last year and figures to so again this year as it fields an uncompetitive team in a very competitive NL East.

There’s a bright side for Miami fans entering what figures to be another dark year: Samson, and Loria, are out of the building.

Samson, Le Betard claim it was all part of a skit

In shocking news, Samson and Le Betard said after the fact that Samson was just playing the heel in some kind of skit.

Apparently screaming obscenities and taunting a crowd about the money you’ve made in front of several cell phone owners is just something you do when you’ve got nothing else on your hands after gouging a city for billions of dollars.

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