The energy has gone to a new level since Doug Meacham arrived

Jon Kirby, Editor
Jayhawk Slant

Just 12 years ago David Beaty was running the high school program at MacArthur in Irving, about an hour drive from where the Big 12 media days were held in Frisco. That is when Beaty first got to know Doug Meacham.

Meacham was the tight ends and inside receivers coach at Oklahoma State. One of the schools in his recruiting territory just happened to be MacArthur.

Fast forward and now Meacham is the offensive coordinator at Kansas. Beaty finally got the man he tried to lure to Lawrence when he first got the job.

“When I first got to Kansas, I called him ten times and offered him,” Beaty said. “I told him, look, look, you can have all the money. I'll hire everybody else for a dollar. You can have it all. What's it going to take to get you here? Because I just think that much of him.”

Under normal circumstances Beaty might not have been able to get Meacham away from TCU. But since their relationship started years ago Beaty had a head start.

“Our relationship didn't start with a phone call,” Beaty said. “Doug and I have been friends for a number of years. I've recruited against him. He actually recruited my school when I was a high school coach here locally. That's where I first met him. He’s taught me a lot of ball. Spent a lot of time with him. Always wanted to work with the guy.”


Jayhawk Slant

If you have been around Beaty you would label him a high-energy coach. Well he might have met his match with Meacham. The word “energy” comes from every player’s mouth when asking about Meacham.

Kansas linebacker Joe Dineen tells the story when Meacham shows up to practice he will have on his black shirt, black shorts, and tights. And Dineen said he will run up and down the field with everybody.

Although Meacham is coaching the wide receivers he is in the room with the quarterbacks often. Carter Stanley noticed the energy right away.

“He brings the energy,” Stanley said. “He has added schematically some great plays to the offense. He is awesome in the meeting room and on the field. He is very detailed and has been great for us.”

Meacham has coordinated and been part of high-powered offenses in his career dating back to Oklahoma State, Houston, and TCU. In his first two years at TCU they broke every school record on offense with Meacham calling the shots.

Peyton Bender who is competing with Stanley for the starting job likes Mecaham’s energy and how he handles the play-calls with both quarterbacks.

“He brings a lot of great energy when he is around the facility every day,” Bender said. “He is a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to offense. I feel like he tailors certain play calls toward me and certain ones toward Carter. It depends on who is in there. I think that is important to know that your coach is going to be able to adjust.”

Beaty thought there was a high level of energy with his staff before. Now he has witnessed new levels since January when Meacham arrived.

“Him being added to that staff has done nothing but energize us at a time when I thought we carry a lot of energy,” Beaty said. “And he's bringing even more, which is something I'm really excited about.”

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