Ekeler's Edge: Austin provides injury update + deep dive on De'Von Achane

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It was a wild Week 3 in the NFL with plenty of RB fantasy performances that could have lasting implications for the season. No better show to dive deep into that than 'Ekeler's Edge' as L.A. Chargers RB Austin Ekeler and Matt Harmon break it all down.

But first, to start the pod, Ekeler provides an update on his ankle injury and what he's doing to get back on the field as soon as possible. Ekeler then breaks down what it was like to watch his Chargers win a nail biter against the Vikings in Week 3 and how watching the game from afar put the RB through an emotional roller coaster.

For this week's pod we also introduce a new segment called 'Trading Secrets' where Harmon and Ekeler provide their unique perspectives on a trending NFL topic or performance. This week the two dove into the Dolphins 70-point performance and how rookie De'Von Achane was able to have a historic game on the ground. The two breakdown the film and debate if Achane's success is sustainable.

In the show they provide an update for the Ekeler Invitational league where Austin stayed undefeated over the weekend while Harmon dropped his second straight game. To end the show the two dive into the Ask Austin Mailbag and provide bold fantasy predictions for Week 4.

2:00 - Ekeler provides injury update on ankle

4:38 - Ekeler loses his mind watching Vikings-Chargers from afar

14:28 - Ekeler shares thoughts on Mike Williams injury

17:35 - New segment alert: "Trading secrets"

18:00 - How did the Dolphins put up 70 points?

25:30 - Is De'von Achane's performance a one-game wonder or sign of things to come?

29:35 - Ekeler Invitational update: Ekeler goes to 3-0

35:25 - Ask Austin Mailbag: Grading early season trades

44:38 - Bold Fantasy predictions for Week 4

On this week's 'Ekeler's Edge' the L.A. Chargers RB provides an update on his injury and does a deep film study with Matt Harmon on the Miami Dolphins historic 70-point performance. (Credit: AP Photo/Doug Murray)

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