Eagles' Malcolm Jenkins puts it in black and white: 'You aren't listening'

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Malcolm Jenkins has said a lot over the last year. The Philadelphia Eagles safety has given interviews in the team’s locker room, in the halls of the U.S. Capitol, on a riser in an empty department store in the Mall of America in the days before Super Bowl LII, explaining again and again what he’d like to see change when it comes to inconsistencies in the criminal justice system and what he’s done to help bring those changes to bear.

Apparently, he’s had enough talking.

‘You aren’t listening’

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On Wednesday, when media flooded the Eagles’ facility to get their thoughts on the team being uninvited from the White House by President Donald Trump, Jenkins was ready.

The 30-year-old two-time Super Bowl champion had several large poster boards pre-written, and held them up one at a time, as reporters tried to ask him questions.

He did not respond to any of them verbally.

Instead of speaking, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins used a series of hand-written signs to send a message on Wednesday. (Mike Garafolo/Twitter)
Instead of speaking, Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins used a series of hand-written signs to send a message on Wednesday. (Mike Garafolo/Twitter)

“You aren’t listening,” one of them said in huge letters.

‘Are you not going to say anything today?’

Some reporters sounded annoyed with Jenkins, with one asking, “What aren’t we listening to?” when he held up the “you aren’t listening” sign and another asking “how are you going to take steps this offseason?” toward social  justice, which shows that reporter doesn’t know much about Jenkins, or at minimum hasn’t googled him.

All the while, Jenkins kept holding up his signs, which featured different facts:

    • “Nearly 200,000 juveniles enter the adult criminal justice system each year, most for non-violent crimes”;

    • “Colin Kaepernick gave $1 million to charity”;

    • “Chris Long gave his entire year’s salary to educational initiatives”;

    • “Devin McCourty, Duron Harmon, Matt Slater and Johnson Bademosi lobbied [in Massachusetts] to raise the age from 7 to 12 entering the criminal justice system”

    And there were several others.

    On Tuesday, Jenkins posted a lengthy message on social media, also spelling out some of the actions he and other NFL players have taken to try to better their communities and asking for everyone to show empathy.

    Despite repeated declarations that their protests – Jenkins raised his right fist during the anthem in the early part of last season – have nothing to do with the military, some continue to push forward with the lie that players are being disrespectful of servicemen and women.

    The evidence has been there for months

    Jenkins and other players continue to be criticized in some circles for “not doing anything,” despite a great deal of evidence to the contrary, evidence that Jenkins spelled out in black and white.

    On Monday night, Fox News used photos of several Eagles players kneeling in prayer during a story about Trump’s decision to revoke the club’s invitation to celebrate its Super Bowl LII win at the White House; the fact is, no Philadelphia player kneeled during the anthem during the regular season or playoffs last year.

    One of the players shown, Zach Ertz, took to Twitter to express his anger, writing in part, “Praying with my teammates before games…is being used for your propaganda?! Just sad.”

    The network aired an apology on Tuesday night.

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