Dunes Club homeowners are ‘proud’ Myrtle Beach Classic is in their backyard

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — The Myrtle Beach Classic is being held at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club and homeowners say they are excited.

This golf tournament will be the first ever PGA TOUR event in Myrtle Beach.

The Dunes Club gave all homeowners discounted tickets and parking passes for the tournament.

Vice President of the Dunes Property Owners’ Association, Jo Ann Crumpler, said Dunes Club residents’ range in age and not all of them are members at the golf course.

Crumpler said she’s a proud resident because of the neighborhood’s teamwork through the event’s planning.

“Everybody in here has worked with this golf tournament, I mean from saying it’s okay to going out and picking up trash, we’ve done it.”

Crumpler said the tournament staff has been accepting and adaptable to their needs and vice versa.

“They asked us to see if we would consider having golf carts,” Crumpler said. ” And bicycles parked at the park for the people coming with golf carts and bicycles, and it was never anything but whatever we can do to help.”

Crumpler said the tournament is going to bring in thousands of people which will benefit the area.

She explains a concern.

“We did have trouble with how we were going to keep people off the sprinkler system and all but no, the Dunes Club came right out and said let us help you, we’ll put cones there to keep people from parking and I think that’s been the joy of the whole thing so far,” Crumpler said.

She adds starting Wednesday, all five of the neighborhoods’ entrances will be patrolled with the Sheriff’s Association watching two. She said it’s going to be busy, but traffic should be the least of people’s worries.

Crumpler said she along with neighbors are planning to have friends park at their houses to walk to the tournament every day.

“I’m a people watcher for sure,” she said. “I think it’s interesting how everything was converted so fast, and it was just on spot the entire time.”

Monday and Tuesday are both official practice rounds for the Classic. Gates will open to the public at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning.

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