DUI charges against Tiger Woods dropped; diversion program ahead

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Prosectors in Palm Beach County, Florida, have dropped a DUI charge against Tiger Woods stemming from a Memorial Day incident. Woods instead will enter a diversion program.

Jupiter (Fla.) police found Woods asleep in his car early in the morning on Memorial Day. Woods later indicated that he was suffering from the effects of mixing several prescription drugs. Woods told police at the scene that he had taken Vicodin and had a prescription for Xanax. No alcohol was found in his system. Woods later indicated that he had begun rehab to treat his prescription drug concerns.

Tiger Woods in early 2017. (AP)
Tiger Woods in early 2017. (AP)
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Woods was expected to plead not guilty to the DUI, but prosecutors worked with Woods’ attorneys to reach the diversion agreement Wednesday morning. Woods was not in attendance.

The county’s diversion program, available to many first-time offenders, involves 12 months of probation and a guilty plea to reckless driving, a charge that the offender can later seek to expunge.

Woods has maintained a steady, casual online profile, tweeting photos of himself having fun with his children and commenting on various golf-world matters. He hasn’t targeted a return date from his latest back surgery.
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