Draymond hilariously breaks down viral Edwards, Johnson dunks

Draymond hilariously breaks down viral Edwards, Johnson dunks originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

NBA fans were treated to not one but two incredible poster dunks Monday night, courtesy of Minnesota Timberwolves phenom Anthony Edwards and Atlanta Hawks forward Jalen Johnson.

The Warriors, meanwhile, suffered yet another defeat at home following their 119-112 loss to the New York Knicks -- after which veteran Draymond Green took to his podcast and discussed the two viral jams.

"There were a couple dunks in the land of the NBA tonight that arguably both [were] dunks of the year," Green said on "The Draymond Green Show."

First, Green reacted to Edwards' monstrous dunk over Utah Jazz forward John Collins, who left the game with a head contusion after the play.

"Anthony Edwards, number one, completely, completely baptized John Collins," Green said. "Made him fall down to the ground. Made JC [Collins] grab his eye, like his eye was hurting -- which, it could be ... Listen, even if you have a head contusion from the dunk, you can't announce that you have a head contusion. Just kind of got to roll with it.

"I pray he didn't leave the game. Did he leave the game? ... So he left the game. You also can't leave right after that because say this, for instance: We live in a strange world, right? Weird world. Crazy world. What if you never go in a game again and your last seconds on the court [were] that? ... You're going to be remembered like that? JC, you can't leave the game, man."

Green made it clear he has the utmost respect for Collins and credited the Jazz veteran for catching his own fair share of bodies during his time in the league.

"I ain't making fun of you, either, because it happens to the best of us," Green said. "But JC, you still can't leave the game."

Los Angeles Lakers guard Austin Reaves also was the victim of a vicious poster dunk Monday, at the hands of Johnson. And the freeze frame of the poster in question might just be one for the ages.

Green had fun breaking that slam down, too.

"And then Jalen Johnson pretty much jumped over Austin Reaves," Green said. "... The poster is crazy because Austin Reaves' face is kind of in the man's crotch area. And that picture ain't going nowhere. It's there, it's stuck. I'm not going to make fun of you, Austin, because I'm still playing, and I would hate for that to happen to me."

Green advised Reaves to just avoid setting up for the charge in future situations where he might be at a vertical disadvantage.

"Even if you jump, at least your head isn't stuck in a position on the poster where it's at now," Green said.

Collins and Reaves, while at different points in their respective careers, both received some sound advice from the former NBA Defensive Player of the Year. But, like Green said, dunks happen.

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