Draymond crowns Nurkić, Bayless ‘biggest haters' in, outside NBA

Draymond crowns Nurkić, Bayless ‘biggest haters' in, outside NBA originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Draymond Green, whether it's fair or not, has no shortage of critics.

The Warriors' outspoken veteran forward joined Shaquille O'Neal on the latest episode of "The Big Podcast with Shaq," where he was asked to name the "biggest hater" in the NBA. Green proceeded to name someone outside and inside the league.

His answers should not surprise you.

"The biggest hater outside the NBA is Skip Bayless for sure," Green told Shaq. "Dude just sits up there and spews hate. I hope I give him a soundbite for his show because it's dying. Like when you're hating on LeBron James every single day, for instance, it's like there's nothing this man has done to give you something to hate on, like you're a hater.

"Inside the NBA I'm going to have to go ... man that's a tough one, because guys be trying to hide their hate ... biggest hater inside the NBA is [Jusuf] Nurkić. Hater. 'Oh he need help,' 'That brother still need help.' Like no, you need help. Big softie."

Green and Nurkić's beef originated when Green swung and struck Nurkić in the face in a Dec. 12 game that resulted in Green's indefinite suspension and Nurkić telling reporters postgame that Green "needs help."

The two then exchanged words in a heated interaction in their next meeting on the court on Feb. 10. Nurkić then proceeded to make multiple social media posts over the coming months, including tweeting a Looney Toons "That's all folks!" GIF when the Warriors lost to the Sacramento Kings in the NBA Play-In Tournament to end their season.

Green took note of that and returned the favor, repeating "That's all folks!" on his podcast when Nurkić and the Phoenix Suns were swept by the Minnesota Timberwolves in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

To this day, Green wonders why Nurkić of all people poked fun at the Warriors' early postseason exit when he has a 3-17 playoff record across 10 NBA seasons.

"How are you going to tweet at us 'That's all folks!' and you've got the worst playoff record in NBA history," Green continued. "But you're going to tweet 'That's all folks!' I can go to sleep for five years, wake up and you still won't have half the playoff wins we've accumulated. How are you going to tweet that? But I need help?

"By the way, we're the 10 seed my man. Think about that, you're sitting at home tweeting the 10 seed is done. Brother, we were actually supposed to lose. We're the 10 seed, we barely skated into the play-in. 'That's all folks!' That's hate."

Despite the two players each getting in one more laugh after the other's season ended, that indeed was not -- nor will be -- the final interaction between the two on or off the court.

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