Does Georgia have its own version of Juice Kiffin? Kirby Smart says lab is one of a kind

The Georgia Bulldogs and coach Kirby Smart may hold an undefeated record and sit at No. 2 in the first College Football Playoff rankings, but their Week 11 opponent, Ole Miss, has something they don't: Juice Kiffin.

Smart on Monday was asked whether he has a dog like Juice. Lane Kiffin's yellow Labrador has not only been seen at Rebels games, but also has become an unofficial mascot of the team. Conversely, Smart's dog Bess is not around the team often.

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"I had a lot of bird dogs growing up, then had to go feed them all the time. I didn't enjoy that," Smart explained on Monday. "That was one of my childhood memories, being out there in the cold weather to feed the dogs. We have a dog now, Bess, that my wife loves to death but we don’t bring her around the team. She doesn’t get to hang around the team like Juice does.”

Juice Kiffin's X account caught wind of the tweet and responded, saying "Betty is missing out."

Indeed, it does look as if Bess is missing out — at least, compared to the fun Juice is having. Last week, Kiffin's dog dressed up as a Landshark for Halloween, an ode to the Rebels' original Landshark defense.

This article originally appeared on Nashville Tennessean: Kirby Smart: Georgia football does not have a Juice Kiffin of its own