Dodgers' Betts apologizes to Webb for success vs. Giants ace

Dodgers' Betts apologizes to Webb for success vs. Giants ace originally appeared on NBC Sports Bay Area

Ownage is ownage, and Giants ace Logan Webb is well aware of the success Los Angeles Dodgers star Mookie Betts has had against him over the years.

So after Webb admitted Betts "owns" him last month on the "Chris Rose Rotation" podcast, the former AL MVP appeared sympathetic when discussing the matter on his own show.

"So, for some reason -- and I know he has spoken on this -- I have no idea why when we face Logan Webb ... Logan, I truly have no idea why. But you know, you just have a guy," Betts told guest Tyler Glasnow on the "On Base with Mookie Betts" podcast. "And I'm not even saying he's my guy. I'm just saying I have no idea ... I have good stats [against Webb], and I apologize.

"But I do enjoy when you pitch, bro."

Last month, Webb told Chris Rose that he's actually spoken to Betts about the situation. In 29 career at-bats against Webb, Betts is slashing .345/.367/.621 with two home runs and two doubles. In Webb's last start against the Dodgers on May 15, Betts was 2-for-4 with one hit against Webb, and on April 2, Betts went 2-for-5 with a single and home run both off the Giants pitcher.

“He knows he owns me, and we’ve kind of talked about it a little bit before," Webb told Rose (h/t Dodgers Nation). “But I love facing him. You always want to compete against the best guys.”

Webb certainly won't be ridding himself of his biggest rival and nuisance any time soon, as Betts is signed with Los Angeles through the 2032 MLB season. But that's just fine with the right-hander.

“It’s one of those things you’re going to look back one day and be like, ‘Man, it was cool that I got to play against that guy,' ” Webb told Rose. “He’s one of those special talents.”

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