Denver Broncos: Check out Lewis Hamilton revealing the 2024 schedule

In the Formula One world, Lewis Hamilton is a legend. He’s the winner of seven F1 championships and has the record for the most wins (103). But he’s also expanded his career outside of the race track and joined the Walton-Penner ownership group with the Denver Broncos in 2022.

With that said, Hamilton had the honor of unveiling the Broncos 2024 NFL schedule. Hamilton revealed the schedule by taking a tasting journey. The Indianapolis Colts did a similar reveal in 2023 by revealing opponents through famous dishes represented by the city.

Hamilton’s first dish centered around Indianapolis. Denver will host the Indianapolis Colts on December 15th, and Hamilton tried out ranch from their city. Their second game will be via the Pittsburgh Steelers, and Hamilton revealed the matchup through Potato Pierogi, a staple in Pittsburgh.

To see the entire video in full, click here. Click here check out the listed schedule, check it out below.

Story originally appeared on Broncos Wire