DeMeco Ryans: I've got J.J. Watt's number ready if we need him

J.J. Watt made Texans head coach DeMeco Ryans an offer he may not refuse over the weekend.

Watt said that he has kept training at a high enough level to return to action for his former team if Ryans "absolutely needs" to have Watt back on the defensive line in Houston. Watt said this is the last year he will make that offer because he isn't going to continue working out like that and Ryans was asked about the comments during a team golf outing on Monday.

Ryans said that "anytime J.J. Watt’s ready to go, I’m ready to go.”

"I love to hear J.J. saying he’s ready. I’ve got his number ready to go in case we need him," Ryans said, via Sean Pendergast of SportsRadio610.

Nothing seems to suggest that a real effort to bring Watt back for the 2024 season is in the works, but it does sound like something that all involved would seriously consider if and when that changes.