Deion Sanders, Colorado send mixed signals about Warren Sapp joining the coaching staff

Warren Sapp will be joining the University of Colorado. Unless he won't.

Head coach Deion Sanders has said Sapp will indeed become a member of Coach Prime's staff. The school, however, says otherwise.

"There have been no conversations about hiring Warren Sapp for an assistant coach position at the University of Colorado," CU-Boulder spokesman Steve Hurlbert told Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today. Hurlbert was asked whether there were discussions about hiring Sapp for any role at the school. "Not at this time," Hurlbert said.

Sanders told Rich Eisen last month that Sapp will be joining the program. "He has so much to give, man, and I can’t wait to see him on a daily basis," Sanders told Eisen.

Pressed by Eisen as to whether it will actually happen, Sanders said (via Schrotenboer), "It better happen."

As Schrotenboer notes, a history of criminal charges and a civil lawsuit for sexual harassment complicate the situation. In 2015, for example, Sapp was arrested for assaulting a prostitute in Arizona. He was fired by NFL Network because of it.

The effort to hire Sapp could ultimately become a test of how much power and influence Sanders actually has at Colorado. Despite the buzz he brought to Boulder, Sanders might not have the ability to hire whoever he wants, whatever the circumstances might be.