Damar Hamlin didn't mean to 'disrespect anyone' with jacket depicting Jesus: 'Is abstract art to me'

Hamlin came under fire for the jacket from ex-NFL running back Adrian Peterson.

Damar Hamlin wrote Wednesday on Twitter that he didn't intend any disrespect by wearing a jacket with a depiction of Jesus while attending Sunday's Super Bowl.

The Buffalo Bills safety addressed the issue after he received criticism for the jacket, including from former NFL running back Adrian Peterson. Hamlin wrote that the image on his jacket "is abstract art to me" and that "I am Eternally thankful to my Savior!"

Hamlin was honored during a pregame ceremony at Sunday's Super Bowl alongside the first responders and medical personnel who saved his life and oversaw his recovery. He suffered cardiac arrest on the field during a January game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Medical personnel revived him at the scene, and he was transported to a Cincinnati hospital. He was released from the hospital nine days later and has since made appearances at Bills games in addition to Sunday's Super Bowl.

On Sunday, he wore a jacket with a depiction of Jesus on the back that Peterson derided as "blasphemy."

The front of the jacket included the written message: “Without end or beginning there is no day and no night."

"You should be thanking God son!" Peterson reportedly wrote in a since-edited Instagram post. "This is Blasphemy!! We all fall short but c'mon man! I find this disrespectful."

Peterson later edited the post to announce that he'd spoken to Hamlin and that "we were able to discuss our thoughts as men."

"However, I do feel as if the jacket was disrespectful and it was something that I needed to share," Peterson added.

Hamlin was honored last week with the NFLPA’s Alan Page Community Award at the annual NFL Honors ceremony. The award "recognizes one player who goes above and beyond to perform community service in his team city and/or hometown."

"Every day I was amazed that my experience could encourage so many others, across the country and even across the world," Hamlin said during his acceptance speech. "Encouraged to pray, encouraged to spread love and encouraged to keep fighting no matter the circumstances. ...

"My entire life, I felt like God was using me to give others hope. Now with a new set of circumstances, I can only say He is doing what He has always done. I have a long journey ahead, a journey full of unknowns and a journey full of milestones. It’s a lot easier to face your fears when you know your purpose."

Damar Hamlin attended the Super Bowl in a jacket that later came under scrutiny. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation)
Damar Hamlin attended the Super Bowl in a jacket that later came under scrutiny. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Roc Nation) (Kevin Mazur via Getty Images)