Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott won’t face charges for alleged 2017 sexual assault, police say

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will not face charges after being accused by a woman of sexual assault for an alleged 2017 incident, a Dallas police spokesperson told CNN on Friday.

“An investigation was conducted, and the case is closed,” the police statement reads. “Detectives determined there was insufficient evidence an offense was committed.”

In March, Victoria Shores and her attorneys filed a civil complaint claiming that Prescott sexually assaulted her on or about February 2, 2017, while the two traveled in a black SUV towards a Dallas-area strip club.

According to the complaint, Prescott allegedly exposed himself to her and when she refused his advances, she claimed he proceeded to use physical force and raped her.

Days prior to her March complaint, Prescott filed a lawsuit in Collin County, Texas, alleging she was trying to extort $100 million from him. Shores filed a countersuit to Prescott’s suit in April.

One of Prescott’s attorneys, Levi McCathern, thanked the Dallas Police Department and the Dallas County District Attorney’s office “for their thorough investigation” on the alleged incident.

“As we knew they would, they found nothing in their extensive exploration of the facts that would support a criminal prosecution. We are confident that at the end of law enforcement’s investigation into the extortion case that they will find the accuser and her attorneys just as guilty as Dak is innocent,” McCathern said in a statement.

“He would never assault any woman. These false accusations were brought up seven years after the alleged events for one reason and one reason only – to line the pockets of the accuser and her attorneys. Their behavior is an affront to all the true survivors of sexual assault.”

One of Shores’ attorneys, Yoel Zehaie, responded to the decision to not file charges against Prescott by stating in an email: “Unfortunately it takes victims a while to come out which makes prosecuting these cases very difficult, so this is in no way an exoneration of Mr. Prescott.”

Shores’ legal team says it intends to continue its counterclaim suit against the 30-year-old, her attorneys said.

“We are proceeding with our counterclaims, even though Levi Mccathern is using every tactic to prevent us from going to court, including attempting to order the law enforcement of the Dallas Cowboys against us, i.e. prosper, to come after us,” a statement reads.

The woman’s lawyers said they have “been begging” Prescott’s legal team to agree on a court date.

CNN has reached out to McCathern for comment on the woman’s counterclaim.

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