Could the Chicago Bulls trade Zach LaVine to the Los Angeles Lakers?

Could the Chicago Bulls’ front office trade veteran combo guard Zach LaVine to the Los Angeles Lakers? According to one NBA analyst, such a move might make sense for both sides. Per Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz, a deal that would see the Lakers send forward Jarred Vanderbilt, point guard Gabe Vincent, and veteran floor general D’Angelo Russell to the Bulls for LaVine’s contract.

A healthy LaVine might make sense for L.A., if the Lake show decides to lower their aim from targets like Donovan Mitchell and Trae Young. “He’d give the Lakers another potential 25-points-per-game scorer, and they might not have to sacrifice any future first-round picks or Austin Reaves in a deal,” writes Swartz.

“A core of James, Davis, LaVine, Reaves and Rui Hachimura would be a great starting point, especially since Los Angeles would still have three first-round picks to use,” he notes, “as well as some young talent to chase an additional star.”

“Swapping LaVine for three starters/role players who all make under $20 million would give the Bulls far more flexibility moving forward, no matter what direction they choose to go in,” writes the B/R analyst.

If such an offer were on the table for the Bulls, they ought to pounce. While LaVine is an excellent player, his presence doesn’t fit the team’s arc at this point. Bringing back cheaper players who fit better would be about as good a deal as can be expected for LaVine’s substantial contract.

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire