Could Aaron Rodgers become a Minnesota Viking?

The NFC North may be getting a little easier this next season, as rumors are swirling that Aaron Rodgers could be following in the same footsteps as his predecessor. Brett Favre joined the New York Jets in a 2008 trade and Rodgers might be heading there in a potential trade this offseason.

Could that mean the next stop after that is here with the Minnesota Vikings in 2024? Colin Cowherd thinks so and he said as much on the latest episode of The Herd.

“Aaron Rodgers will be the starting QB for the Minnesota Vikings in 2024.” 

The two careers have had a lot of similarities. Both of them won multiple MVPs, one SuperBowl,  had their successor taken in the 20’s while they were both playing at a high level and Favre was traded to the Jets while Rodgers looks likely to head to New York himself.

As fascinating as the idea of Aaron Rodgers joining the Minnesota Vikings may seem, the likelihood of it happening is slim. While it’s true that Kirk Cousins’ contract is set to expire after the 2023 season, and the Vikings may need to find a replacement, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will acquire Rodgers.

In fact, recent press conferences by Kwesi Adofo-Mensah and Kevin O’Connell have emphasized the importance of building a young, collaborative, and unified roster – something that may not align with Rodgers’ reputation.

Although speculation can be fun, the Vikings are more likely to extend Cousins or draft a new quarterback. While surprises can happen in the NFL, it’s safe to say that this idea will most likely remain just that – an idea.

Story originally appeared on Vikings Wire