Contract details for Colts’ fifth-round pick LB Jaylon Carlies

The Indianapolis Colts announced on Thursday that they officially signed fifth-round pick Jaylon Carlies. Over the Cap now has the details on what Carlies’ rookie deal will look like.

In total, Carlies’ rookie deal will be worth $4.36 million, which includes a $336,240 signing bonus.

That $336,240 signing bonus is paid to Carlies upfront, but for salary cap purposes, it will be pro-rated over the four-year life of the contract, so the cap hit from it in 2024 is just $84,060.

So, from a salary cap perspective, for the 2024 season, Carlies will receive a base salary of $795,000, with that pro-rated portion of the signing bonus accounting for $84,060 against this year’s cap. In short, Carlies’ cap hit for this season is just $879,060.

Moving forward, the cap hit from the signing bonus will remain the same, but Carlies’ base salary will increase each year. In 2025, his base salary will be $960,000. In 2026, it will be $1.075 million, and then $1.190 million in 2027.

Here is a look at what Carlies’ cap hit will be each season:

2024: $879,060
2025: $1.04 million
2026: $1.159 million
2027: $1.274 million

As a former college safety, Carlies brings added coverage abilities to the linebacker position for the Colts. With Zaire Franklin, EJ Speed, and Ronnie Harrison, the Colts won’t need to rely heavily on Carlies right away as he transitions to the linebacker position full-time.

Special teams could end up being where he makes the biggest impact as a rookie, but looking ahead to 2025, both Speed and Harrison are set to be free agents.

Story originally appeared on Colts Wire