Contract Breakdown: QB Coach Marques Tuiasosopo

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Hank Bachmeier

While Justin Wilcox's contract details being released was a large story Wednesday, another contract on the Cal coaching staff was released then as well. Through a FoIA request, the details of QB Coach/Passing Game Coordinator/Recruiting Coordinator Marques Tuiasosopo were released to, and we break them down below.

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The Basics:

- 2-year deal, expiring February 28th, 2019

- Base salary of 200k, Talent Fee is 100k in 2017, 120k in 2018

- Signing bonus of 75k, Retention Bonus of 130k if he stays through Valentine's Day next year

Bonus Structure:

Same bonus structure as the other assistants, given that APR is over 930:

- Make it to the Pac-12 title game: $15,000

- Make it to one of the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, Cotton, or Peach Bowls: $25,000

- Make it to the National Championship: $10,000

- Finish above 50% win percentage and make it to a bowl not named above: $10,000

- Finish below 50% win percentage and make it to a bowl not named above: up to $5000‚Äč

If he's fired without cause before the end of the contract, 100% of the base salary, talent fee, and earned retention bonus will be paid out to him.

Other Notes:

Tuisasosopo reportedly made $435,000 a year ago at UCLA, so the signing and retention bonus go toward making that difference up.

Tuiasosopo also doesn't not have a clause in his contract similar to Beau Baldwin's, where there's a buyout if he were to go to a similar position at another school.

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