Commanders Dan Quinn explains why he wore T-shirt

Washington Commanders head coach Dan Quinn went viral on Saturday during the team’s rookie minicamp. It was not because of anything said but, instead, because of the shirt he was wearing.

Quinn wore a non-licensed Commanders’ shirt with feathers from the team’s former logo on the current logo, which some made a big deal of.

On Tuesday, Washington opened the third phase of its offseason program with its first Offseason Training Activity (OTA). Before Washington took the field, Quinn spoke to the media and, of course, was asked about the T-shirt.

“I think one of the parts of me taking this job, I was excited to bridge the past and the present,” Quinn said. “What a cool privilege that is to do. And, I also recognize there’s a lot of layers to that. So, it was a great lesson for me. What I really hate is that any attention that would’ve been taken away from these rookies and this awesome crew. So, yeah, nobody wants to do that.”

There you have it. Quinn discussed the shirt. His reasoning for wearing it was plausible, and it went over well with not only the fan base but also some of the franchise’s former players.

This doesn’t need to turn into another debate about the name. It’s not coming back. Quinn wasn’t trying to reignite the name debate. We can all move on now.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire