Overreaction Saturday to Commanders coach Dan Quinn’s T-shirt

The most excitement at Commanders’ rookie minicamp Saturday was actually a T-shirt.

Yes, Dan Quinn’s T-shirt is what caused the biggest stir.

Quinn’s T-shirt was short sleeves, black in color, with a capital “W” above the word “Commanders.”

But the T-shirt also contained two feathers reminiscent of the old Washington Redskins logo.

Many Commanders fans were excited, seeing that they don’t like the “Commanders” brand, which dates back to the efforts of Daniel Snyder and Jason Wright.

Saturday, many fans declared the Harris Ownership Group (HOG) was again being subtle, asking Quinn to wear the T-shirt to honor the past when “Redskins” was the team name. While some, like Scott Abraham, simply voiced their approval of the shirt.

Actually, we have no idea if the HOG was involved in this in any way. It could actually be something as simple as Dan Quinn played his college ball in the area, is familiar with the history, saw the shirt and thought it was a neat reminder of some of the glory days of Joe Gibbs’ teams.

ESPN’s Jason Reid disapproved, tweeting Quinn alone was responsible for what he wore Saturday and that others in the organization should have taken great measures to stop Quinn from wearing the shirt.

Goodness, why was Reid suggesting Quinn’s shirt was so horrible and ill-advised? Had Quinn worn a shirt endorsing Joseph Stalin?

Reid tweeted several more times, insisting his concern was not about racism but more interested in the shirt, bringing up the old name of the team again. He later suggested a concern was the licensing of the shirt.

Were we supposed to believe that was why he had earlier tweeted, “Why? I mean, why?”

Also, he posted the Commanders “can’t get outta their own way, my man.” Why was Reid suggesting Quinn had really done something wrong? Quinn’s shirt had illustrated this team simply can’t help itself? Really?

Quinn committed no great blunder on Saturday. Plain and simple, Quinn was not an example Saturday of the organization simply not being able to get out of its way.

Nor did Quinn’s T-shirt prove the HOG is dumping the “Commanders” any day now. Yes, the HOG has inherited a branding flop, but if there is going to be a name change, it will most likely not be “Redskins,” nor will it occur anytime soon.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire