Commanders' Carson Wentz ripped for shaky accuracy in training camp

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Sounds like Wentz's training camp has been pretty ugly originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

The Eagles had a year of distance from Carson Wentz in 2021 after they traded him to the Colts, where he fumbled and bumbled Indy out of the postseason in truly Wentzian fashion.

But Wentz is now back in the NFC East, where he'll face the Eagles twice a year. He'll make his return to the Linc in Week 10 when Washington makes a Monday Night Football appearance in South Philly. It'll be incredible.

Should Eagles fans have any concerns about facing the former franchise QB this season? Is a revenge game brewing?

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If the latest report from Commanders camp is any indication, you can rest easy knowing Wentz is still Wentz.

NBC Sports Washington reporter Pete Hailey joined 106.7 The Fan's Grant & Danny to give an update on how Wentz has looked through two weeks of training camp, and it sounds like the 29-year-old QB is looking downright discouraging in practices:

"HAILEY: It doesn't sound good from afar, and it doesn't look very good up close either. I'm trying to balance the, 'We're still five weeks away from the season, people are starving for updates about this team, let's not feed the beast too much and let everybody get completely crazy and run into the streets with no clothes on because they don't know how to react.'

"However, it's a little bit worse than I expected. Carson coming here was a 63% completion percentage passer, and a guy who's been let go by two previous teams. You're not expecting him to look like Patrick Mahomes, to dot this defense up and go 9-of-10 every time he's in the lineup. Right? You knew there were going to be flaws, or otherwise he wouldn't be here in the first place. But the flaws are just a little uglier, so far, than I expected them to be.

"G&D: Is it bad ball placement? Is this 11-on-11 where he's missing open guys? What are the issues that you're seeing?

"HAILEY: It's everything, and it's in the on-air drills that are the beginning of practice where typically, alright, the guys run a quick comeback, they run a five-yard out, then they run a slant, then they work the intermediate stuff, then they run a 12-yard out, then a 12-yard in, then some post stuff. There, Carson is not nearly as efficient as he should be. [Taylor] Heinicke and [Sam] Howell, for the most part, the ball is where the receivers need it. [...] With Carson it's not a coin flip, but there are times where you have no idea if this ball's gonna land in Cam Sims' breadbasket, go way over Cam Sims' hands, or hit Cam Sims in the shoelaces. It continues into the team stuff.


"I have deducted one win from projected win total this year, going from 10 to nine, because the Carson Wentz bad has far outweighed the good thus far."


I mean... where do you begin? Flubbing the warm-up throws in practice? Absolutely unpredictable accuracy? Looking so erratic that a reporter thinks you are singlehandedly going to hold your team back?

Folks, the Carson Wentz experience rolls on!

Seriously though, while it's fun for Eagles fans to revel in the fact that the organization made the right call cutting ties with Wentz when it did, it's also fantastic to know that a division rival in Washington is (likely) starting the season with Wentz as QB1.

To be clear, there's no guarantee that Wentz will still be the starter by Week 10 when the Commanders visit Philly. Perhaps Ron Rivera will have seen enough and will toss Heinicke in at starter until the last few weeks of the year, when they give Sam Howell a look.

But it's great news in terms of divisional standings and playoff hunts that, at least for this year, Washington will likely be hamstrung by a quarterback who we all know will get in the way of his team's success by any means necessary.