Coaching headsets won’t have a sponsor logo for 2022

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For the 2022 season, the headsets worn by NFL coaches will be brought to you by the NFL.

With Bose out, no one else is in. And no one else will be in until 2023, at the earliest.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that the presence of the NFL logo on coaching headsets during Thursday night’s Hall of Fame game will last through Super Bowl LVII.

Multiple discussions currently are happening for 2023, the source told PFT. The league made a conscious decision roughly six months ago to take the time needed to make the right decision for the headset logo. Ultimately, the signage on the headset may reflect something more innovative than just a company that makes headsets or otherwise provides telecommunications services.

Earlier this year, Terry Lefton of Sports Business Journal explained that, according to Navigate Research, the headsets are seen, on average, for roughly eight minutes per game.

Before its arrangement with Bose, the league used the NFL logo on the headsets in 2013, following the expiration of a sponsorship deal with Motorola. This time, the league has opted to use a more subtle gray and black logo that better blends with the black headset, rather than the usual red, white, and blue NFL shield.

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