Chris Cooley film review of Commanders’ WR Luke McCaffrey

“He is super fast.”

That’s how former Washington Redskins tight end Chris Cooley began his film review of Commanders third-round selection (100) Luke McCaffrey.

A guest on the “Kevin Sheehan Show” podcast this week, Cooley mocked those who have already stereotyped McCaffrey as a receiver who won’t be able to work downfield. Cooley asked, “Why? Because he is a white receiver?”

Cooley continued, “He tracks the ball incredibly well, and he is able to go up and get it. He has great ball skills.” He then alluded to McCaffrey’s one-handed, all-hands catches.

The former Washington tight end and broadcaster likes McCaffrey’s measurables as well: 4.46 (40 yards), 6-foot-2, 198 pounds, 36 inches (vertical). At the NFL Combine, McCaffey’s other measurables were broad jump (121), shuttle (4.02), and 3-cone (6.70).

For quick descriptions, Cooley offered: “Fearless, tough, great run after the catch ability, good at finding open spots, a good, all-around player.”

“He can play in the slot; he can play outside. He will go over the middle and make a catch anywhere.”

“He is in and out of his breaks pretty well. He does need to do a better job setting up those breaks/setting up those routes. But as of now, he is able to create separation.”

“He attacks the ball at its highest point; he makes body adjustments.”

“He is a fearless blocker; he will get after it when he is in the run game. He is a play-every-snap kind of guy.”

“He is going to be a good (NFL) player.”

Remember, Luke only played receiver his last two years at Rice, after first playing quarterback at both Rice and Nebraska. Thus, he is still learning and developing at his “new” position.

Also, Luke’s dad, Ed McCaffrey accumulated 185 NFL games in his career, McCaffrey had 565 receptions for 7,422 yards, including 55 touchdowns. McCaffrey also averaged 13.1 yards per reception.

Luke’s older brother, Christian, followed in Ed’s footsteps, playing in the Pac-12 conference for Stanford. He has enjoyed an illustrious NFL career, already rushing for 6,185 yards and scoring 81 touchdowns in his 91 NFL games.

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire