Chiefs sending Tyreek Hill to Dolphins for 5 draft picks

Yahoo Sports Eric Edholm breaks down the blockbuster trade sending 6-time pro-bowl wide receiver Tyreek Hill from Kansas City to Miami. What exactly are the Chiefs getting in return? How much did the Davante Adams trade from Green Bay to Las Vegas and his ensuing big money contract play into this move?

Video Transcript

ERIC EDHOLM: Well, one of the wildest NFL offseasons now has a new exciting move that made it that much more thrilling. Tyreek Hill reportedly has been traded to the Miami Dolphins for five draft picks the Kansas City Chiefs will be getting back, including a first, second, and fourth rounder this year. It is a whopper of a deal, and you have to kind of look, I think, to the Green Bay Packers for why this trade happened. Why the Packers?

Well, when the Davante Adams deal got out of hand, the negotiations there led them to trade him to the Las Vegas Raiders. And I think the Kansas City Chiefs saw the writing on the wall. They said, if that's what Davante Adams is going for, how can we afford to keep Tyreek Hill? Of course, he's been Patrick Mahomes' right hand man, his go-to target for so many years. This puts a lot of pressure on Travis Kelce.

But think about what it could do for the Miami Dolphins if Tua Tagovailoa is healthy, if he takes a jump in his game, and if he can hit Hill on those deadly deep balls, something that Tua Tagovailoa did a lot in college, but not so much so far in the NFL. A fascinating trade. One that has ripples throughout the league. We'll see how it all works out, but the Miami Dolphins got themselves a premier playmaker down the field.