Chiefs DB Justin Reid: New hip-drop tackle ban is ‘horrible’

This week, the NFL’s annual meeting in Florida has been underway, with coaches and front office personnel addressing many concerns around the league. The assessment of the previous season, mixed with proposals to make specific rule changes, has been highlighted at this year’s meeting.

On Monday, the league shocked many by banning hip-drop tackles on defense. The tackle was considered dangerous and caused multiple injuries. It involved wrapping the runner with both arms, tossing him off the ground, and then falling on the back of the ball carrier’s lower legs.

The tackle will be penalized during games, and it has caused an uproar among fans, players, and spectators. Chiefs safety Justin Reid commented on a video via his X account, sharing his frustration with the new ruling.

Reid has proven himself to be one of the better tackling defensive backs in the league and already sees the problem with this ruling.

The veteran safety will be forced to adjust his tackling, but his mentality to make a play won’t change. The league is in for a new era of changes over the next few years.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire