Should the Chicago Bulls draft for talent or fit at No. 11?

It is the oldest question out there when it comes to the NBA draft — should you pick for talent or fit in the first round? This is the dilemma in front of the Chicago Bulls for the looming 2024 NBA draft as the Bulls have some decisions to make with their No. 11 pick just revealed by the 2024 draft lottery on Sunday (May 12).

The Bulls need talent on this roster, so there is a good case for the more common approach to first round drafting, But they also have several positions of need to address if they can’t kill two birds with one stone in the draft. And of course, Chicago could always use the pick to trade for a player who is both things to them.

The hosts of the “Locked On Bulls” podcast, Haize and Pat the Designer, offered up their thoughts on the pick and how it should be used on a recent episode. Check it out below!

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire