On the Chicago Bulls converting Onuralp Bitim to a regular roster spot

No matter how you slice it, the Chicago Bulls need some outside shooting on their roster, and it looks like the team’s front office has made a move to address that, albeit on a relatively minor level. The Bulls recently elected to elevate two way wing Onuralp Bitim to a regular roster spot soon after the news broke that starting forward Patrick Williams would miss the rest of the season due to foot surgery.

This could end up being another situation where an unexpected loss of a player ends up bearing dividends down the road, as was the case with Coby White after Zach LaVine’s foot injury. But Bitim, as intriguing as his play has been with the Windy City Bulls, is also a lot further behind developmentally than White.

Haize, the host of the “Chicago Bulls Central” podcast, recently weighed in on the move in light of the Williams injury. Check it out below!

Story originally appeared on Lonzo Wire