Chargers assistant NaVorro Bowman says he fits right in on Jim Harbaugh's staff

Former NFL linebacker NaVorro Bowman played the best years of his career with Jim Harbaugh as his coach, with three first-team All-Pro selections during his four years playing with Harbaugh's 49ers. Now Bowman is on Harbaugh's staff as the Chargers' linebackers coach, and Bowman says he and Harbaugh are a perfect match.

"Coach Harbaugh, I loved playing for him when I was with San Fran, and we all were sad when he left," Bowman said. "Just blessed to be here, blessed for him to believe in me to do this job."

Bowman said Harbaugh motivated him to be the best player he could be, and he's using some of the same coaching tactics to bring the best out of the Chargers' linebackers.

"I left it all out there on the field for him. Just his pre-game speeches and how he prepared us throughout the week, you just knew who you were coming to work for," Bowman said. "Being able to understand his message and get his nod, his approval on how I played, it's my job to get guys to play that way and do the things that he expects us to do, or the players to do, I should say. I think I'm going to that. I think I fit right in. The guys just enjoy everything that we've got going on right now."

Bowman hopes the Chargers' linebackers will enjoy playing for him as much as he enjoyed playing for Harbaugh.