Carlos Santana's offseason training includes pushing a car up a hill

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<a class="link rapid-noclick-resp" href="/mlb/players/8619/" data-ylk="slk:Carlos Santana">Carlos Santana</a> is training for the offseason by pushing a car up a hill. (Instagram/@slamtana_41)
Carlos Santana is training for the offseason by pushing a car up a hill. (Instagram/@slamtana_41)

We’re in that magical time of the baseball season where players start showing off how ready they are for spring training. There’s another six weeks of offseason left before everyone starts reporting, but there’s no rest for these players of baseball. That six weeks can be used to do a variety of athletic activities like running, lifting, yoga, and… pushing cars uphill.

That last one is actually just Carlos Santana, the Philadelphia Phillies’ new first baseman. He posted a video to his Instagram account on Friday that featured Santana in a Phillies hat pushing a car. He’s just in a parking lot pushing a car along, presumably for the exercise and not to actually move it somewhere.

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If you’re not at least a little impressed by that, I don’t know what to tell you. The man is pushing a car using only his own strength! And it’s not on flat ground, either. He’s pushing it up an incline!

The text of Santana’s post roughly translates to “preparation is part of success.” Santana is certainly preparing, that’s for sure. He’s preparing for baseball, and possibly for a secret stunt where he pushes a car around Citizens Bank Park and performs other feats of strength. And if he’s not preparing for that, he really should be, because that’s a postgame event worth staying around for.

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