Broncos’ Orange Crush-inspired throwback uniforms are a big hit

The Denver Broncos unveiled new primary (and alternate) uniforms on Monday that have been met with mixed reviews. There are vocal fans on social media who strongly dislike the new look, but there are also fans who view it as a big improvement on the previous threads.

While there’s not a strong consensus on the primary uniforms, the Orange Crush-inspired throwback look has received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both fans and pundits.

Here’s the club’s description of the new throwback, courtesy of a press release from the team:

Honoring the Orange Crush era and the 1977 season when the Broncos made their first Super Bowl appearance, the throwback closet features the iconic Legacy Blue ‘D’ helmet and orange uniforms adapted to Nike’s current chassis with peak performance fabric.

Helmet: The Legacy Blue shell pairs with a white facemask and vertical orange stripe. The fan-favorite and iconic Denver ‘D’ logo originally introduced in 1968 will return to the Broncos’ uniform closet rotation for the first time on a Legacy Blue helmet since 1996.

Jersey: The classic orange jersey features oversized white numbers with Legacy Blue trim on the front, back and top of the shoulders. A sleeve stripe sits at the shoulder mirroring the Legacy Blue trim from the numbers.

Pants: The white pants include an orange and Legacy Blue stripe down the length of the pants.

Socks: The socks include orange and Legacy Blue bands that align with the stripes of the jerseys and pants.

The Broncos unveiled the uniform on Monday with a video showing Pro Football Hall of Fame linebacker Randy Gradishar handing off an Orange Crush-era helmet to star cornerback Pat Surtain.

Denver called it a “blast from the past” on social media:

The Broncos can wear alternate/throwback uniforms up to three times per season. It seems safe to say fans in Denver will be excited every time this look is pulled out of the closet.

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