Can Brock Purdy avoid the "Damn it, Jimmy" mistakes vs. the Eagles? | Yahoo Fantasy Football Forecast

Yahoo Sports’ Matt Harmon, Tank Williams and Andy Behrens discuss Brock Purdy going up against the Eagles’ tough defense in the NFC Championship Game.

Video Transcript


TANK WILLIAMS: There's a lot of people who I feel doubt how great that Philadelphia defense really is. Like how Andy said, they lead the next team in sacks by double digits. They give up the fewest passing yards in the league. They can wreak havoc on your offensive line, on your quarterback.

And I think the one thing that Purdy has benefited from is that he really hasn't had to do too much. And if you even look at the Dallas Cowboys game, the Dallas Cowboys, I mean, they had been struggling a little bit. They got it together a little bit against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But for the most part, that offense had been struggling for like the past month or so.

So it's not like Dak and those guys put enough stress, enough pressure on the San Francisco side of the ball to say, hey, we need to get outside of our box and do something that we're not comfortable with within our offense. So what did they do? They leaned on the run game, even when they got halfway through the third quarter. So that's when they finally started to break through.

And then in the fourth quarter, the dam broke, and then Christian McCaffrey, Elijah Mitchell, they were breaking all these runs. And that's how they able to pull away with the game. As Andy said, I feel like that Philadelphia offense is going to have more success against the San Francisco defense, which means what? It's going to put more stress on that offense to get outside of that box and produce some points.

And if Brock Purdy is going to be uncomfortable in the pocket with that Philly pass rush, he may make some of those, "damn it, Jimmy" throws or "damn it, Jimmy" turnovers. And that's the thing that Andy was talking about as well. Whenever you had Jimmy Garoppolo back there, there was always this play late in the game where he either fumbled the ball or threw a ball he had no damn business throwing.

And everybody in the whole damn stadium, and especially Kyle Shanahan, was like, "damn it, Jimmy!" And so that's the thing that Brock Purdy has been able to avoid all the way up until this point. Does it happen in the conference championship round? That remains to be seen.