Breakdancing provisionally approved as an Olympic sport in 2024 ... no, seriously

Breakdancing is coming to the Olympics. (AP)
Breakdancing is coming to the Olympics. (AP)

Dust off your old breakdancing mats now because your country might need you. Breakdancing has been provisionally approved for the 2024 Olympics, according to Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal.

There were rumblings this was going to happen. In March, the International Olympics Committee recommended breakdancing — along with a couple other sports — for consideration at the 2024 games.

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Fischer cleared up why other sports — such as lacrosse or cricket — weren’t in the conversation for the Olympics. The committee believes breakdancing will bring in a younger audience.

Before you write off breakdancing as a sport, consider some of the other events in the Olympics. Many require skill, athleticism and hours of practice to reach perfection.

If breakdancing can do that and provide viewers with entertaining and moving performances, is it really any different than some of the events millions of people tune in to the Olympics to watch now?


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