Brandon Marshall honors bet with Julian Edelman, gets Patriots tattoo

Former New York Jets receiver Brandon Marshall is obviously a man of his word after honoring a bet he made with former New England Patriots wideout Julian Edelman ahead of last Sunday’s Patriots and Jets game.

According to Marshall, if the Jets won, Edelman would have to get a tattoo of the Jets logo on his body, and the same would be the case for Marshall, if the Patriots came away with the Week 11 victory.

Unfortunately for Marshall, Patriots’ rookie defensive back Marcus Jones ran back an 84-yard punt return for a game-winning touchdown to seal the victory for New England—and the bet for Edelman.

It would have been easy for Marshall to renege on the bet, but on Wednesday, he posed for a photo with Edelman to show off his new Patriots tattoo.

A deal is a deal.

There’s nothing wrong with betting against the Patriots, but as Marshall learned, it’s better not to lean on the Jets when doing so.


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Story originally appeared on Patriots Wire