Bradley Beal hits 1,500th 3-pointer, continues climb up Wizards' all-time ladder

Bradley Beal hits 1,500th career 3-pointer originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Bradley Beal has proven over the past decade he is one of the best scorers in Wizards franchise history. Beal is well-known around the league for his patinate step-back jumper when attacking the rim but he's always been a threat from three.

Beal poured in a season-high 37 points in the Wizards hard fought 119-116 win in Atlanta. He shot 17-30 (56.6%) from the field and made it his mission before the game to attack the rim and stay aggressive. Beal impressively scored all 37 of his points while knocking down just one 3-pointer the entire game.

Although he hit just one of his four 3-point attempts, that one shot from beyond the arc held historic weight, marking the 1,500th three-pointer of his career. Beal is the Wizards’ all-time leader in three-point field goals and it’s not even close.

When it comes to his 3-point game, Beal is not one to bring the ball up the court and immediately pull it from deep, like that of Stephen Curry or Damian Lillard. He plays through his teammates and waits for the right opportunity to take a long-range jumper.

Beal has been putting in the work to resurrect his 3-point shot this season and it has shown, currently shooting at a 36.9% clip. His percentage has taken a leap forward compared to the previous four seasons.

Ever since the Wizards drafted Bradley Beal with the third overall pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, the all-star guard has done nothing but achieve one accolade after another through 11 seasons with Washington. He signed a 5-year max contract this past offseason, which means he can only continue to climb the Wizards’ all-time records lists.

Here is where Beal stands in a few more categories of the Wizards' all-time leaderboards:

1.    Wes Unseld (984)
2.    Elvin Hayes (731)
3.    Bradley Beal (684)

1.    Wes Unseld (35,832)
2.    Elvin Hayes (29,212)
3.    Bradley Beal (23,708)

1.    Elvin Hayes (15,551)
2.    Bradley Beal (15,132)
3.    Jeff Malone (11,083)

Field Goals:
1.    Elvin Hayes (6,251)
2.    Bradley Beal (5,526)
3.    Jeff Malone (4,543)

Free Throws:
1.    Elvin Hayes (3,046)
2.    Bradley Beal (2,580)
3.    John Wall (2,456)

1.    John Wall (5,282)
2.    Wes Unseld (3,822)
3.    Bradley Beal (2,910)

1.    John Wall (976)
2.    Greg Ballard (762)
3.    Bradley Beal (761)

Offensive Win Shares:
1.    Walt Bellamy (49.0)
2.    Wes Unseld (46.0)
3.    Bradley Beal (33.9)

Value Over Replacement Player:
1.    Wes Unseld (25.3)
2.    John Wall (23.6)
3.    Bradley Beal (22.3)