Boston’s Jaylen Brown has been scorching hot since the NBA’s 2024 All-Star Break

Whatever you do, do not try playing mind games with the shooting abilities of star Boston Celtics forward Jaylen Brown. Just ask Golden State Warriors veteran big man Draymond Green just how good the Georgia native has been since coming out of the NBA’s 2024 All-Star break.

At times, Brown has been the best player on the Celtics’ roster since getting back from Indianapolis, but also playing within the flow of what the game needs on both ends of the court. It is almost as if the Cal alum is looking to make a statement of the value he adds on the court (and how much he makes to do it, a point of contention in the past among some fans).

NBC Sports Boston’s Chris Forsberg broke down how well Brown has been playing over the course of the last few weeks on a recent installment of his “Forsberg’s Four” segment.

Check it out above!

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Story originally appeared on Celtics Wire