Body slam attempt goes horribly wrong for fighter at UFC Fight Night 131

Jack BaerYahoo Sports Contributor
<span>Don’t try this UFC move at home, kids</span>. (Getty Images)
Don’t try this UFC move at home, kids. (Getty Images)

Jarred Brooks probably wishes he could have this one back.

The American suffered a tremendous self-knockout in the second round of his fight against UFC newcomer Jose Torres at UFC Fight Night 131 in Utica. Brooks managed to lift Torres over his shoulder and seemed ready to deliver a WWE-style body slam, but the end result was so much worse than expected. Both fighters hit the ground hard, but Torres managed to quickly recover and begin raining punches down on a stunned Brooks.

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Seconds later, the fight was over with a TKO victory for Torres in a fight that hadn’t been going his way.

While the TKO seemed entirely self-inflicted, it was also partially the result of some smart movement by Torres. Instead of trying to wriggle out at the end, Torres gripped Brooks around the waist and was able to move his head away from the impact of Brooks’ body hitting the floor.

Torres, in his UFC debut, improved to 8-0 as a pro fighter with four of those victories coming via knockout. Brooks fell to 13-2 after his first knockout loss ever, though he can still at least say there isn’t a fighter out there that has knocked him out. Just himself.

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