Marcus Stroman irks Red Sox manager with quick pitches

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There is never a shortage of people willing to give their opinion about how Marcus Stroman carries himself. He’s the poster boy on the pitcher’s side of the bat flip argument, as he is never shy to add a hitch to his delivery or celebrate a strikeout. The street goes both ways, as always, and some times his opponents don’t appreciate the extra exclamation points on an out.

Count Boston Red Sox manager Alex Cora among the “haters.”

"I was telling (home plate umpire) Alan (Porter), if he's going to get on our guys, get on him," Cora said to reporters after Tuesday’s game. "It's the same thing with him every day. He competes a certain way and people don't like it. It seems like whenever a team comes in, somebody screams at him. I don't know, that's the way he acts."

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The Red Sox took issue with Stroman’s attempt to throw off Michael Chavis’ timing in the box by throwing a quick pitch after a timeout.

Cora and Chavis weren’t the only ones upset with Stroman’s moves and demonstrative nature. Veteran ace Chris Sale had some words from the dugout.

Stroman, naturally, paid it no mind.

"Don't know (what Sale said), could care less," Stroman said post game. "That was between me and (Chavis). That's it. I could care less what anybody else says."

The Red Sox couldn’t get any measure of revenge on-field, as Stroman threw six innings of one-run ball in a 10-3 Blue Jays win.

After the game, on his active as always twitter account, Stro flashed a little sense of humour about what was really behind Cora’s issues after giving his take on the issue.

Another round of haters for Stroman to tweet about. The gift that never stops giving.

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