Gallery: Roger Federer and Pete Sampras go to a Lakers game

Chris Chase
Busted Racquet

Roger Federer and Pete Sampras took in a Los Angeles Lakers game last weekend. Getty Images photographers were there to capture the moment on camera, Busted Racquet chips in with the captions.

"Kobe, I love watching your game. You're like the basketball me."

"Yeah, and I bet Agassi doesn't wash his hands after using the bathroom either! (High five.)"

The most awkward prom photo ever. It says something about Pau Gasol when Pete Sampras isn't the most disheveled-looking person in a picture.

Hollywood super-agent Ari Emanuel explains to Federer that he'd never bet on one his matches if he were his agent. But if he did, he wouldn't lose, FORSTMANN.

The positioning of Federer's hands and the looks on the faces of Sampras and Emanuel are their own comedy.

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